Why should you care about open source CMS?
  • Data is one of the bloodlines of your business/life
  • Content/data should never ever get locked in a software system
  • Data interchange allows you to pull your data from one to another
  • Most importantly, since you have access to the source code in an open source CMS you can always sleep peacefully
  • We build  CMS with your users in mind
  • We give a damn about what’s convenient for us
  • Or in which cms we are competent
  • Or which cms will finish the project quickly.
  • It’s about meeting your needs
  • And managing your data
  • We consider every CMS project to be unique in every aspect
  • And we believe that…
  • There is not a one-size-fits-all cms that is available in our beautiful earth
Are you a…

In the end…

Your CMS should be designed specifically for you and not for someone
because your needs are unique and not all CMS are made equal