Grow Hack

What is Growth Hacking?

Why Growth Hack my business?


  • Your status quo is damaging your business and you break out of it
  • Your current/traditional marketing channels are over-crowded, time consuming and expensive
  • You are unable to measure the real “Return of Investment” of your current marketing setup
  • The underlying theories are simple to understand and implement
  • It’s easily adaptable to any of your other business segments

What Growth Hacking has to do with me?

  • Growth Hacking is a set of tactics that will help you to observe, measure and fix the bottlenecks that plagues your business
  • Growth Hacking removes the roadblock that prevents you from taking your business to the next level
  • Growth Hacking lowers your customer acquisition cost and increases your Customer lifetime value (CLV)

Why can’t I hire a consultant to solve my issue(s)?

The reasons are plenty, but the simple and the most important reason is…

Say for example, you hired a Google Adwords consultant to do PPC campaign he/she will only do the campaign for you and exit, because they are experts in that field mainly and you’ve to go hunting for another consultant for another task.

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