Application Development

Web Apps is an investment of time, money and energy and from a business perspective it’s absurd to create a web app just because your nearest competitor is having one (If you want to create your own web app just because every business is having one, then you are at the wrong place).

So at MotiveSense, we design and develop apps for Your Objectives or we would like to refer it to as Objective Oriented Development (OOD) (and not to be confused with Object Oriented Design/Development)We specialize in…

We care about your project success because your
success is our daily bread

To provide you with quality custom made apps, our developers work in unison with designers, our lone software architect and our one and only project manager.

Also we don’t outsource your work since it’s against our philosophy (and policy) and we are not sure about the quality of work that will be delivered.

How we build Mobile Apps?


We build apps that adhere to build-once, deploy-anywhere philosophy. So when building a mobile app, we create it using Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools.

Why we prefer Cross Platform Mobile Development?:

  • It’s expensive to maintain and develop a native mobile app
  • Apps that are not kept up-to-date will become stale bread
  • Maintaining mobile apps for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone is a costly, time-consuming affair

Got a software requirement?