About Us

“The best way to learn if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway

What we do?

Founded in July 2008; we make Web Apps and eCommerce Stores using Shopify for small, medium, and enterprise-size firms having an annual revenue upto $10 million.

Our small & beautiful team comprises of developers, designers and a project manager who are passionate about the web and in the ROI (return of investment) of projects.

Where are we?

We started our journey at Kochi(Cochin) also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea and in the state of Kerala fondly referred to as the God’s Own Country

We are now a remote-first company with staff living and working across the globe and with offices in Israel and Singapore.

What’s in stock for you?

Our belief that there is always a better way of doing things than following the status quo improved our clients revenue/productivity by about 60% within one year of partnering.

What we accomplished for our clients and for us in our years of existence?

We won’t claim that we’ve changed the world or made this earth a more beautiful place to live in, but we made the lives of our clients and our team more awesome, by:

  • Improving their workflow and thereby improving their productivity
  • Made their lives less chaotic or easier
  • Educated them in the best possible manner
  • Helped them succeed personally + professionally
  • Saved their time by increasing their efficiency through training

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Why we named our company MotiveSense ?

The usual practice is to start naming the company first and then go hunting for a tagline/benefit-line, but in our case we travelled in the opposite direction, we first created our tagline which is Sensible Motives for the future, then we picked two words from it and mashed it up in our juicer and thus the name MotiveSense was born.