No Bullshit, No Buzzwords and No Clichés Policy

You may(or may not) have noted that this site is devoid of cliches, industry buzzwords and other bull-craps that are usually associated with all the agency sites.  Yes, it was not accidental but that’s how we work in our real lives!

We are not claiming that we are best web development agency in this world/Asia or that we know PHP/Python/Node.js like the back of our hands nor we are having 97% skills in UX Engineering!

We know very well that for a remote project to succeed, we need to have only two important skills, namely ability to self motivate and to work without supervision.

That’s the reason we don’t say anything about…

…which others are pasting wherever they can whether in their website, brochures, mails, proposals or any docs.

Here are some of our traits that comes free for you, you don’t need to pay extra nor we do stick it on our foreheads: