Shopify Product Feed URL, Shopify XML feed, Shopify Product Feed – All you wanted to know

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Shopify Product Feed URL, Shopify XML feed, Shopify Product Feed – All you wanted to know

The definition of a Shopify Product Feed URL in the minds of every Shopify store-owner might be a Shopify XML feed which contains all the necessary product data like title, price, SKU, weight, variants etc. But the reality is not as simple as that!

So read more to to learn:

  1. What is a Shopify Product Feed?
  2. What is a Shopify Product Feed URL?
  3. What are the limitations of your Shopify Store’s Product Feed?
  4. How to create a valid and working Shopify Product Feed?

But, what is my Shopify Product Feed URL?

Shopify provides a default XML feed for all products as well as for your product categories(known as collections). And, you can grab a bare basic XML feed without any bells and whistles, here is how…

Shopify Product Feed URL for all products

To get the Shopify Product Feed URL for all products, use the following template, just replace with your store’s URL in the below example.


Shopify Product Feed URL within collection

Each collection has its own URL. For example, if your store’s collection URL for a specific collection is, then just add .atom to the end of the URL to get its Shopify Product Feed URL, which will be like:


What are the limitations of the default Shopify Product Feed URL?

  1. The problem with the default XML based Shopify Product Feed URL is that it contains only less than 10% of your total Shopify products!
  2. You can’t filter or customize the feed based on your needs or preferences!

How can I create a Shopify Product Feed for my own Shopify Store?

  1. Hire a developer to create a Shopify private app for each of your Shopify store and do the monthly hosting & maintenance by yourselves and schedule it to run automatically
  2. Use an easy to use service like FeedEdge(self promotion) [sic]

Which is the REAL Shopify Product Feed and why you should care?

To get all the products as well as to filter your Shopify products, you must use the awesome Shopify API. The API contains many endpoints, each with many properties  which may be a dream come true for every Shopify Store owner.

By utilizing and using the Shopify API to its full glory, you can programmatically extend the power of your Shopify store by leaps and bounds.

So we chose the road less travelled when we chose to build FeedEdge which is a fully automated Shopify Product Feed App

FeedEdge uses Shopify API to build customized feeds that meets the specification of online marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and social commerce sites etc.

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